The MSC Artisan Academy Renewable Centre is a division of MSC Artisan Academy, specializing in Renewable Energy Technologies and operating from the Science and Technology Park (STP) of the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ).

The Renewable Centre has been in operation since 2013 focusing on the delivery of part qualifications and  skills programs in Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Small Wind Technologies.

The skills programmes on offer are both credit-bearing (relevant existing unit standards) and non-credit bearing according to client needs.

The Centre is also the only licensed institution in South Africa accredited to offer the Solarteur program under the Austrian-based Solarteur School.

In partnership with the East London IDZ , the Centre extended its program offering with the establishment of a dedicated Smart Grid Emulator Laboratory in 2016, currently the one of only two operational simulators in  South Africa.


Located within the East London IDZ Science and Technology Park (STP), the Centre is a 5 minute drive from the East London Airport and is in a safe and controlled environment with secure parking.

The Renewable Energy Centre houses three specialised departments, namely:

  • Electrical & Electronics (PLC) supported by latest simulated  training software (Uni-train – Lucas Nulle)
  • Smart Grid Emulator (Power Management) supported by the latest simulated training software from Lucas Nulle)
  • “Solarteur School” for practical courses in installation and maintenance of PV Rooftop, Solar Thermal and Small Wind Turbine Systems.

In addition the training facilities have on site the following to support training:

  •  “live” hybrid (small wind turbine and PV)  stand-alone system
  • “live” 14 kW PV Rooftop system feeding into the Centre

As part of the greater Science and Technology Park, available to delegates are conference and cafeteria facilities as well as high speed connectivity.


The focus areas of the Renewable Energy Skills Centre are:

  • Training & Development (offered both on and off-site)
  • Consultancy (turnkey skills development solutions)
  • Support to Research Projects
  • Support to Prototype Development and Testing


The centre offers both theory and practical training through a blended approach in using combination of:

  • Face to face contact
  • Simulated practical experiments (Lucas Nulle /Uni-train)
  • Practical training on  “live” systems (PV/Solar Thermal and Small Wind Turbines)

This ensures a complete learning experience, equipping a trainee with applied knowledge and comprehension.


Electrical & Electronics Courses

  • Soft Soldering Techniques
  • Basic Electronics
  • Basic Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)


The following Skills Courses in support to renewable programmes are offered on the uniTrain Emulators.

  • AC Technology
  • 3-Phase Technology
  • Magnetism/ Electromagnetism
  • Commutator Machines
  • Asynchronous machines
  • Synchronous and Slip-ring Rotor Machines
  • Three-phase transformers


Renewable Energy Courses (Solarteur School)

  • Design and Operation of Photovoltaic Systems (Lucas Nulle – ELP Emulator)
  • Install and maintain PV Rooftop Systems (Residential & Small Commercial)
  • Solar Thermal Systems Technology (Installation & Maintenance)
  • Understanding Wind Energy Technology (Wind Power Plants)


Smart Grid Management Courses (Power Lab)

  • Mains  Synchronisation (EUG)
  • Investigation of Transformers (EUT)
  • Line Models
  • Protection Technology

 Smart Grid Management (ESG) – using SCDA Software


The MSC Artisan Academy has programme accreditation with merSETA, EWSETAand CETA for applicable unit standards related to renewable energy  as well as international accreditation from Solarteur (Austria) to offer under license the Solateur qualification