Delivery Approach (Training Methodology)

MSC Artisan Academy qualifications are delivered through a blended learning model. MSC Artisan Academy adopts a “flipped learning” approach, delivering theoretical aspects of the curriculum through interactive e-learning, and practical problem-based learning in the classroom where students are prepared for the challenges and demands of the workplace.

Where applicable we use tablet technology and virtual desktops to ensure optimal flexibility in deployment of learning materials and use of space, so as to not be limited by geographical or infrastructural challenges. The MSC Artisan Academy backbone is managed through an integrated cloud-based Enterprise Learning Platform (ELP).

MSC Artisan Academy’s delivery model seeks to optimally drive student success and work readiness. Our recruitment and selection processes are rigorous and aligned to the requirements of the companies and sectors concerned. Students are engaged in practical learning from the start and our teaching conditions simulate those that the students will face in industry, thus ensuring their readiness for smooth entry into the workplace.


The MSC Artisan Academy (Pty) Ltd is a registered private company Reg. No: 2010/005795/07 and has provider accreditation with merSETA (17-QA/ACC/0536/10), EWSETA (MeysA2ENER11052039) and CETA.

Also licensed to offer selected programme under City & Guilds and Solarteur School (Austria).